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    Listen to what others from around the network marketing world are saying about WiredBIZ!

    John Counsel, The Profit Clinic MLM Success Centre

    Founder and CEO of The Profit Clinic MLM Success Centre John Counsel posted this about WiredBIZ on his website, in a section called "Why We Like WiredBIZ":

    I first heard about WiredBIZ through a Google Alert message in June or July 2006. It sounded like such a good idea that I immediately went to the site and began exploring. I was impressed. It's a terrific idea that's really well implemented -- a rare combination. The people behind it are savvy and skilled and they're rolling out the concept progressively. Their ideas are sensible and intelligently-targeted. There's a clear strategy driving the site, and the implementation is very user-friendly. So that's reason #1 why we like WiredBIZ. I wrote to the company to congratulate them and received a very warm response, advising me that they had spent a lot of time on our own sites, and that The Profit Clinic's network of MLM support sites had already been included in the search database. Hey... there's reason #2 why we like WiredBIZ! They like us! *lol*

    Seriously, though, The Profit Clinic applauds their open-minded attitude. Authoritative network marketing sites, in general, tend not to link to other resource sites. There are good reasons for that, and we tend to be very choosy in our linking as well. But the real reason why we like WiredBIZ is this: It fills a genuine need in the network marketing and affiliate marketing scene, and it does it intelligently, it does it well, and it's very user-friendly. So add it to your bookmarks or favourites and use it regularly. Make sure you list YOUR links there (it's free) and give serious consideration to advertising... it offers pay-per-click ads (bid on keywords) and it's a highly-targeted audience. If you have a good story to tell in your ads, this promises to be a very responsive place to put them!

    Head over to John's main site and make sure you spend your time taking in all of the information -- there's a lot of content there, and it's well worth a long stay.

    Joe Roark, MLM-Network Marketing Blog

    Seasoned consultant Joe Roak had the following to say about WiredBIZ on his blog:

    ...WiredBIZ has put together a nice clean site that's a cinch to navigate, and submission was a breeze. I was listed in less than 5 minutes and it was free. There are 8 or 9 other network marketing blogs listed, but the space doesn't seem crowded at all... The list goes on and on as to what can be done with "The World's Largest Network Marketing Search Engine". The bottom line is that this is a great marketing tool. There really isn't too much hype, they have an up-front privacy policy, and getting your site listed is free. If we gave a "Marketer of The Week Award", it would definitely go to WiredBIZ!

    Read more about WiredBIZ, and other network marketing-related news and views, on the MLM-Network Marketing Blog.

    Chuck Pinnell,

    MLM Trainer Chuck Pinnell made WiredBIZ a recommendation on his blog:

    I am careful who I promote to my friends and contacts, I donít care if I donít receive any direct value in the referral but I donít want it coming back as a negative. With that said I want to make a recommendation to anyone and everyone in the network marketing business that you check-out and add to your favorites A truly valuable resource within this industry, it will cut your search time down to seconds and logically bring you to the topic and category you are looking for. You will also find a whole bunch of exciting ideas and concepts which you didnít even know existed. Great content, simple navigation and timely information. You will like it!

    Read more of what Chuck has to say at

    Chuck Brady, Eighty-Twenty Access Strategy

    Access strategist Chuck Brady posted the following about WiredBIZ on his blog:

    In this ever-changing world of technology, there are always new ideas and resources that are popping up. One such site had done just that, a site called WiredBIZ. This is the world's most complete resource for all things network marketing. One of the biggest stigmatisms this industry faces in how pushy the people can be. We have all heard the horror stories of people selling potions and pills with miracle stories or promises of get rich quick. Well, WiredBIZ looks to put an end to all of this. It is an impartial overview of the industry including news releases, training, reviews and anything else you can think of. It allows you to do your due diligence before making what could be a life-altering decision to join the industry. Regardless of what your opinion of the industry is, you cannot argue it offers some of the best life training around. So even if you are only looking for some good reading material for personal growth, I would recommend taking a look at WiredBIZ. I know you will find it as useful as I have.

    The rest of Chuck's post, and other news can views, can be found on his website, Eighty-Twenty Access Strategy.

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