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    August 17, 2006: Want Some Good News?
    Home > News > August 17, 2006: Want Some Good News?

    August 17, 2006: Want Some Good News?

    The stock market is stalled, the housing market is slumping and gas is going through the roof. Want some good news?!

    Vancouver, BC, August 17, 2006 -- WirdBIZ announces the further roll-out of Partners in Profit, a free-to-join, cutting-edge affiliate program, supported by some of the most advanced and stable software available today, now completely integrated with the WiredBIZ pay-per-click advertising solution.

    Pay-per-click advertising has taken the Internet by storm. Now it is possible to only pay for results!

    WiredBIZ has implemented its very own powerful pay-per-click engine, giving links owners the ability to bid on certain keywords and categories and to track various statistics and results in real-time. For pennies, you can ensure that your link appears first when your chosen search term is entered or when your applicable category is browsed.

    "Unlike other programs, such as Google's AdWords, there is no risk of fraud," says Adam Dlin, Project Manager. "WiredBIZ is the exclusive publisher of your links and every single one of our visitors is YOUR target audience. If you search the term 'MLM' in our directory today, over 500 links are returned...imagine if you could be number one!"

    For network and multi-level marketers, WiredBiz offers more qualified traffic than Google AdWords and other search engines and advertisers. WiredBIZ delivers 100% targeted traffic. What’s more, WiredBIZ has incorporated pay-per-click advertising sales into its very own affiliate program.

    The online world is growing and in the arena of MLM/network marketing, WiredBIZ is the "go to" site for everything in this industry, with over 3,500 links and growing daily the site is well-organized and easy to navigate.

    For additional information about the news that is the subject of this press release, please visit or contact George Moen, Director of Public Relations.

    About WiredBIZ
    If it has to do with the industry of network marketing, you will find it here quickly and easily. WiredBIZ (, your "go to" source for everything network marketing.

    About WiredBIZ Media Inc.
    WiredBIZ Media Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia focused on developing vertical, industry-specific search engines, directories and Web portals. WiredBIZ ( is the first of a series of such websites organizing and simplifying how people search for information online.

    George Moen, Director of Public Relations


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