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    Link To WiredBIZ

    One of the best ways to improve the credibility of and traffic to your website is to link to others in the industry, such as WiredBIZ. We are pleased to invite you to link directly to us in any or all of the following ways.

    Please note that the following links are not embedded with affiliate tracking code. If you are an affiliate, log in to your affiliate control panel for the proper tracking code. If you are not an affiliate but would like to learn more about our program and how you can earn cash by linking to WiredBIZ, click here.

    WiredBIZ Search Box

    You can add content to your website by adding a WiredBIZ search box. Insert the code that appears below to display the following search box:

    <FORM ACTION="">
    WIDTH="400" BGCOLOR="#3B4A81" ALIGN="center">
      <TR ALIGN="center">
       <TD VALIGN="middle">
         <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="query" SIZE="30"> 
         <INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="Go" VALUE="Search WiredBIZ!">

    Simple Text Link

    To link to our homepage, simply insert the following HTML code where you would like our link to appear:

    <A HREF="">
    WiredBIZ: The World's Largest Network Marketing Website

    Directory Text Link

    Particularly if your website has specific content that relates to one or more of our directory categories, you might be interested in linking directly to such category(ies). To do so, navigate to the desired area of our directory, and copy the URL in the "Address" or "URL" bar at the top of your browser. You can then use that URL as the target of your link.

    For example, to link to the WiredBIZ "1st This Week" category, you would insert the following code:

    <A HREF="
    WiredBIZ: 1st This Week

    Graphics Link

    We are pleased to make available a series of graphics links for your use. Simply right click on one of the images below, download it to your hard drive and then upload it to your website's images directory. Then insert the following code wherever you would like your link to appear:

    <A HREF="">
    <IMG SRC=""
    ALT="WiredBIZ" BORDER="0">

    Remember to replace "" with the proper path to your chosen image.



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