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    WiredBIZ Articles: Opportunities

    Taking a Genuine Interest in Others

    By Chuck Brady
    Aug 7, 2006, 16:28
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    In life there is something to be said for taking a genuine interest in other people. I have been very fortunate of late to be working with a number of wonderful people who have been coming together and helping one another succeed. It really is a brilliant thing to see so many people helping one another. It stems not from greed, not from financial compensation, but from a genuine desire to work together.

    To me it all begins with finding out what is important to the people you are working with. I was given a very flattering compliment this afternoon when a colleague of mine said to me, "Chuck you have the ability to make people excited about the things you are involved in". I really took what he said to heart as it meant a lot to me and confirmed I am achieving the goals I have set for myself and the people I work with.

    I feel as though I am very fortunate to be one of the pioneers of what I consider to be a business revolution, the Bitron Rewards program. It is allowing business people to grow their companies while developing an organization in a multi level marketing company. I truly attribute the success I and the company are having with how it puts the emphasis on the individuals involved and not the company as a whole or a specific product line.

    Throughout my marketing background I have never seen, nor heard of for that matter, a program or concept that has so many powerful things going for it. Every day I get to see people growing, learning and meeting new people. As someone who considers myself to be very shy it is so wonderful to be surrounded by successful, like minded people.

    I think the single biggest thing causing the success we are all seeing is how Bitron Rewards does not take people away from what they are doing. All too often when opportunity knocks it requires us to change our focus and start something new. Bitron however has a way to enhance people’s experiences. This industry and this company really is life accelerated.

    These are my two cents on the day.

    Chuck Brady

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