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    WiredBIZ Articles: Training

    The Morlocks of MLM!

    By John Counsel
    Sep 14, 2006, 16:42
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     The Morlocks of MLM

    Morlock Cave EntranceI've always been a big science fiction fan. One of my all-time favourites is H. G. Wells' classic, "The Time Machine." In one memorable adventure, the hero visits a far future time where he discovers the human race has evolved into the Eloi beautiful, serene, innocent men and women, all seemingly ageless, living in idyllic conditions where all their needs are taken care of, automatically, by unseen hands.

    The longer he stays with them, the more disturbed he becomes by their unthinking innocence... their lack of concern when one of their number drowns despite being surrounded by numerous others, their lack of knowledge of who provides for them, their lack of interest in anything but the immediate moment.

    Then he discovers the appalling truth: humankind has actually evolved into two separate streams the Eloi, and an industrialised, subterranean race of mutants called Morlocks.

    And it's the Morlocks who provide for the Eloi... because they breed them for food!

    Whenever these chilling, cave-dwelling cannibals need to restock their larders, they set a siren wailing and the mindless Eloi come to them, without resistance, and go passively to their awful fate.


    In a recent discussion I was having on the subject of scams and rip-offs in MLM, and the kinds of people who make up the two main groups involved the perpetrators and their prey I was struck by the similarities to the Eloi and the Morlocks.

    My friend made the comment that scammers must have some way of seeing suckers coming and lying in wait to ambush them. He even used the term "they sure saw me coming!" It's too familiar to far too many of us.

    I made the flippant reply that, these days, scammers don't need to see their victims coming... they send for them!

    MorlockThat's when the Morlocks suddenly leapt from my memory and the striking similarities hit me forcibly.

    I was even taken by the fact that, if you abbreviated the name "Morlock mutants", it could be "MLM" much too close for comfort!

    But it's alarmingly true. On-line especially, it's a now-familiar phenomenon for a new scam to launch and then, out of nowhere, all the same people start sending out emails to their victim lists about this "newest, hottest, ground-floor" opportunity that will make us all rich in the next 90 days by doing nothing because they'll do it all for us and spillover will run hot and banks will pay us to join and we'll have huge Internet malls and make overnight fortunes, etc etc etc etc etc ad nauseum ad infinitum.

    Notice how it always seems to be the same opportunists who fall for these scams? Often, they're people from our own downline organisations who just can't resist this latest "opportunity" to lose money and damage their reputations and relationships (if they have any left by now). Maybe you've even been one of them? (Not after reading this, I hope.)

    Where do the people behind these scams find them? How do they see these suckers coming so unerringly?

    Like I said, they don't just see them coming.

    They send for them.

    Just as these mindless junkies will try to send for you to join them as fodder for the Morlocks of MLM... those amoral, manipulative, conscienceless troglodytes who prey on the naive, the ignorant and the gullible, by appealing to their greed, laziness, fear and ignorance.

    It's a choice

    As I see it, we all have a choice. We can be Eloi, we can be Morlocks, or we can be neither.

    Membership of each group is 100% voluntary.


    Learn to recognise the classic warning signs of scams, especially those counterfeits posing as legitimate MLM programs.

    They're not. They're fakes, always. But MLM has to wear the damage they inflict.

    We need to stand up and be counted. We need knowledge, not beliefs. We need facts, not opinions. We need objectivity, not wishful thinking. We need reason, not emotion.

    Beware of purely emotional appeals that target greed, laziness and gullibility. It's always all three, but never as obvious as this. They come with fancy names and fancy packaging to mask the harsh reality of what they really are.

    If you appeal to greed, laziness, ignorance, fear and gullibility, guess who you attract?

    Yep people who are greedy, lazy, gullible, ignorant, frightened and gullible!

    Do you really believe you can build any kind of long-term financial security with people like this?

    No way. When they realise the truth that this is netWORK marketing, not NOTwork marketing they'll be off at the sound of the first Morlock siren call that sends for them.

    The real question is... will you?

    Learn to recognise those MorLock siren calls for what they REALLY are.

    Morlocks from the 2003 movie version
    Morlocks from the 2003 movie "The Time Machine"

    How do we recognise Morlock siren calls?

    First, we need to understand the four cornerstones of success.

    These are the indispensable components that underpin all results in life, not just in MLM.

    1. Vision

    We need a clear vision of a potential reality that we don't yet enjoy. A reality that we're going to work toward achieving with the help of other people who have resources that we don't, but that we need in order to realise our vision. These resources include time, knowledge, skills, talents and abilities, money, relationships and more. We can't do it alone.

    2. Time

    There's always a fixed amount of time required for any achievement in life. Yes, we can reduce the time we need to invest personally by the intelligent use of leverage, including having others contribute their time. But there's still a requirement to be met. It won't happen without that investment, just as growing plants, healing wounds or learning new skills all require specific investments of time.

    3. Effort

    In physics, "work" is defined as "effort over distance". In network marketing, the distance is the fourth dimension time. So the definition of work for us is "effort over time".

    Once again, we can reduce the effort we need to invest personally by using the efforts of others. But we can't eliminate the need for a specific amount of effort in order to realise our vision.

    4. Self Discipline

    Without self discipline, it's difficult for us to keep investing the time and effort required to realise our vision.

    Where do we find this essential discipline?

    From our vision!

    Without that clear, sharply-focused image of what we're working toward, we'll struggle to maintain our focus and commitment. We need to revisit that vision regularly, and communicate it to those in our team regularly, because it's a shared vision.

    Beware of "Quick Fixes"

    Quick fixes are insidious. They relieve pain in the short term, but they don't treat the problem the disease itself. So the disease festers on, unnoticed, until it finally destroys the entire organism... in this case, our MLM businesses.

    Quick fixes offer a FALSE VISION that promises us success and untold wealth with NO investment of time or effort, and NO self-discipline.

    They're nonsense, of course. But they're attractive, especially when we're tired and disillusioned by our past experience with MLM opportunities that didn't work out. They have an irresistible emotional appeal for many of us.

    These are the siren calls of the Morlocks of MLM!

    Learn to avoid them like the plague. The reality is always the same: those who are successful, who benefit most from the recruiting of the mindless mob, are the Morlocks!

    The only real difference is that they're more difficult to identify, because they look just like us. It's their motives and attitudes that are corrupt and selfish, and that make their behaviour so manipulative and exploitative.

    Don't be fooled. Use your powers of reason. And learn to trust your instincts.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is. Look at the fundamental emotional appeals being used. If they're really targeting laziness, greed, fear, ignorance and gullibility (be absolutely objective about it), steer clear. You cannot build long term financial security with lazy, greedy, ignorant, frightened or gullible people.

    They've fallen for a false vision that can never be achieved, because they expect it to happen with NO investment of time, effort or self-discipline on their part, and they're appealing to others who expect the same.

    If nobody's willing to do what's required, there's no chance of success.

    A final word of warning

    Many people have quit MLM because they've been victims of MLM Morlocks. But have you noticed what thousands of them have done next?

    Yep... they fallen for the siren calls of another breed of Morlocks... the Morlocks of "Internet Marketing"!

    These "gurus" make the Morlocks of MLM seem positively benign. They don't even leave behind any cleanly-picked bones. By the time they've finished with their eager, unthinking victims, there's not even the trace of a scent left wafting in the breeze.

    It has nothing to do with network marketing or Internet marketing. It has everything to do with preying on the ignorant, the desperate, the greedy, the lazy, the gullible and the downright foolish.

    I've given you the keys to recognising these predators and their early warning signals. Learn more about the "gurus" and their deceptive, manipulative selling techniques here...

    John Counsel is the founder and CEO of The Profit Clinic, a management consulting, training and publishing firm based in Melbourne, Australia. It specialises in small business and the direct selling profession with a network of more than 50 web sites.

    Its powerful concepts of Fourth Generation(tm) Thinking, Fourth Generation(tm) Systems and Fourth Generation(tm) Selling are winning growing recognition and acclaim for their penetrating insights and practical applications.

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