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    Bi-Tron: Saving You $$ While Saving the Environment

    By Chuck Brady
    Aug 27, 2006, 21:53
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    Did you know that as much as 25 to 40% of the fuel you put in your gas tank goes right out the tail pipe...unburned? Let me explain...

    Gasoline many years ago had the lead removed; that was a lubricant, but it was also bad for the environment and, so, better for the air that we donít have it...but now, of course, we donít have the benefit of a lubricant in the fuel.

    Diesel has had the sulfur removed; again, good for the environment but not good for the smooth operation of the diesel engines.

    Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner solves this problem quickly and easily because of the attraction it has to metal; it will clean and lubricate the entire fuel system.

    The other combination of technologies in the Conditioner helps the fuel to burn more completely by creating similar sized droplets, increasing octane in gasoline and increasing cetane in diesel fuel;   it extends the burn rate of the fuel.

    As much as 25% of the fuel you put into your gasoline vehicle and as much as 40% of the fuel you put into your diesel vehicle goes straight out the tail pipe in the form of unburned hydrocarbon emissions, greenhouse gases, etc.

    Not to mention what a waste of money it is to buy fuel and then just spray it into the air.

    Bi-Tron can do so much for this problem.

    You can do something so simple and easy, and extremely cost-effective, to do your part in reducing emission as much as 90%.

    What would saving 20% on your fuel cost mean to your family budget? Perhaps it is time to re-claim your money.  Click here to get your Bi-Tron 1 Car Pack and begin saving money and the environment today.

    Chuck Brady

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