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    WiredBIZ Articles: Trends

    Where Is Network Marketing Headed? Time Line 2006

    By The Unknown Marketer
    Aug 17, 2006, 17:06
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    You must understand the past to accurately forecast the future. So where are we today, in August of 2006?  Well, the old pop song, “The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades", comes to mind.


    One of the conclusions we surely must agree on is that network marketing is changing; it is finding new forms and is actually splitting into various business models that at first blush looks like something different.  


    Network marketing is simply marketing through a network; well, what is eBay?  What is affiliate marketing?  What is two-tiered affiliate marketing?  An argument can be made that network marketing may be used in the future to describe a series of “modified” distribution models and systems.


    The capitalist system trends towards greater efficiency.  It trends to find the cheapest producer and finding the shortest path to the ultimate consumer.  Well, isn't that what has been happening over the past 10 years as e-commerce moves from the side-lines to being mainstream?  I think so!


    There are a number of trends -- economic, social, and demographic and more -- that have and continue to shape the networking industry.  I intend over the coming weeks and months to explore many of these current trends one by one and how they specifically impact the industry and you the participant.   Let us ask some of the obvious questions!


    • How will the current pension plan crisis effect people's desire to continue to make money well beyond their traditional retirement age?
    • Will the pending real estate bubble-burst drive individuals into or away from the industry?
    • How will the low savings rate effect people's life-style and will they be motivated to look at your opportunity?
    • Will pointing out future economic challenges be a positive or negative technique in building your business? 
    • Will the network marketing industry capture its fair share of the growth of home-based business?
    • Does the Internet mean the end to “the meeting”? What about entrepreneurial loneliness?

    More questions than answers?  Sure, but if we can uncover the truth you’ll have a great competitive advantage.


    The network marketing industry operates with in a local, regional, national and international economic framework. To be successful, the more you must have a “global view” of the various factors that affect your business.


    One of the visions a person should have when starting a new project, is to view an “Internet Map” of the MLM or Network Marketing world.


    Where can I find such a map you ask? Well, WiredBIZ for one.


    WiredBIZ is a wonderful tool for research and discovery regarding past, present and  future ideas about this amazing business model called MLM/network marketing.


    So stay tuned to more articles on network marketing “Trends” and prosper from the journey!

    The Unknown Marketer

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