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    Here at WiredBIZ we have developed several comprehensive marketing and advertising programs for our users and partners. Please select from one or more of the following, or contact us for more information or to explore customized programs.

    Featured Site Sponsorship

    WiredBIZ is the world's largest directory of websites related to the network marketing industry. As a result, although we are extremely user-friendly and searchable, oftentimes a FREE link listing can get lost among the thousands of other links. Recognizing this, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to have your site listed as a "Featured Link" within all applicable categories. For a small fee, you can bring your site to the forefront! An added advantage of this program is that your link will will appear on our special Featured Links page.

    Our current rates are as follows:

    • One Month: US$14.99.
    • Six Months: US$79.99.
    • One Year: US$129.99.
    • Lifetime: US$499.99.

    If your site is new to us, you can select one of the above plans at the time you add your link. Or, if you would like to feature an existing link, simply modify an existing listing.

    For assistance, or to explore customized programs, please contact us.

    Pay-Per-Click Program

    Pay-per-click advertising has taken the Internet by storm. Now you can pay only for results! WiredBIZ has implemented its very own powerful pay-per-click engine, giving links owners the ability to bid on certain keywords and categories and to track various statistics and results in real-time. For pennies, you can ensure that your link appears first when your chosen search term is entered or when your applicable category is browsed. Unlike other programs such as Google's AdWords, there is no risk of fraud (WiredBIZ is the exclusive publisher of your links) and every single one of our visitors is YOUR target audience.

    As a special bonus, pay-per-click advertisers are automatically entitled to have their pay-per-click links rotate as a "Recommended Link" on the left sidebar and next to the search box at the top of each one of our pages; they also rotate within our directory underneath "Featured Links".

    To learn more about the WiredBIZ pay-per-click program and to enter your bids, click here.

    Banner Program

    Banner ads are an Internet advertising staple and we at WiredBIZ are pleased to offer several configurations to meet your needs.  Currently, we have availability on our homepage in prominent areas as well as within the directory.  This allows you to target the general network marketing audience or, if desired, drill down even further within the industry.  By specifically targeting the network marketing audience, as opposed to the general Internet population, you are able to maximize the value of your advertising dollar.

    One of the most popular features of our banner program is the ability to link the display and prominence of your ads to certain search terms and to specific categories.  Additionally, members of this program enjoy the ability to monitor their statistics via our easy-to-use administration interface and access to our expertise and assistance throughout the process.

    WiredBIZ' banner rates vary with the specific campaign and the needs and interests of our partners.  For more information or to discuss a banner advertising relationship with us, please contact us.

    Reciprocal Media Programs

    We are always willing to explore relationships media partners in a wide range of properties such as the Internet, radio, television, magazines, newspapers and everything else! We invite you to link to us and then let us know so that we can reciprocate.

    If you have any interest in partnering with us more formally in a media capacity, via contra advertising or otherwise, please contact us.

    Affiliate Programs

    Affiliate programs, which reward websites such as ours for directing effective, sales-producing traffic to other websites, have taken the Internet by storm.  Today, affiliates account for millions of dollars of online sales and allow wholesalers, retailers and distributors to penetrate markets faster than ever.  If you sell network marketing-related products and services and run your own affiliate program, or maintain an affiliate program with the assistance of a third party, we are pleased to list your site and will grant priority placement and validation of it.  Please contact us for more information and to expedite the process.

    If you haven't yet set up your own affiliate program, we urge you to do so and would be pleased to assist in any way we can. The quickest and easiest way to get started is to partner with established companies such as those listed in our directory. Once approved, let us know and we'll be the first to drive traffic, and sales, to your site!

    Contact Us

    For general information on our advertising programs or to explore an advertising opportunity with us, please click here to contact us. Upon receipt, we will return your contact and begin the process of working towards a mutually beneficial advertising agreement.

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